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How to open a used auto dealership?
I had a used car dealership in New Jersey, USA. I will answer your question based on my experience. You will have to research Canada laws and licensing. First you need a properly zoned facility. Then you need a dealer's license. Insurance. Tax ID number. Notary license or access to a Notary...

In the auto industry can you make great money if you are a auto insurance agent?
If you make the move to insurance, you can make a great deal of money if you are willing to work hard. You will want to make sure that any producer agreement you enter into spells out exactly what your responsibilities are and what split of commission you will receive, both on new sales and...

Where can I get the best classic car loan with no money down?
hiif you are looking for an auto loan this is good site i used to get auto loan luck.............

Are cars at an Insurance Auto Auction repaired before being sold to the public?
I somehow don't think you really understand what a salvage title is, you want to play Russian roulette with your life go ahead.If you went shopping for a chair that cost $100. and right next to it the identical chair $40. but the sticker said all 4 legs were broken at one point but now glued...

Where do I find good hearted people that are financially able to help out my small town police department?
Just do like all the big city guys....Set up some speed traps and bleed the visitor traffic dry......When pulling over out of staters be sure to "find" drugs........That's always good for "city revenue"....By the way the confiscated "drug" cars can be turned into a cop car in a wink of an eye...