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Popular Q&A

Experiences regarding CURE auto insurance company?
stay away from these "foofnick" companys/the are by and large ripoffs/they quote you low and then once you pay they adjust "up"/go local in your area/google it and get in your zip codeSource(s):used car dlr nj

What is the best/cheapest auto insurance in Washington for an SR22?
SAV-ON Insurance Agencies provides complete, flexible and affordable auto insurance solutions for our customers in the Seattle, WA region. We work with more than 30 independent insurance companies to help you obtain the best price possible for the auto insurance you need. If you're looking...

How do insurance agencies get away without charging a broker fee?
As a broker in Canada, I can tell you we charged very few broker fees. We charged them on specialty policies, where that was our only source of income. (Some specialty policies do no pay commission). We charged them on some policies that required special handling. We never charged a brokers'...

Auto Insurance broker failed to add driver and now claim has been denied Help pleassssse?
OK, if the claim was denied for failure to disclose the driver, ie, because there was an unlisted driver on the policy, you have a serious errors and ommissions lawsuit on your hand against the broker.Backdating is risky at best. Companies do NOT like to do it.He may or may not have had binding...