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9730 Abrams Rd #103, Dallas (214) 467-8733
9330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas (214) 343-2500 - ? - ?
11613 N Central Expy #107, Dallas, Texas (214) 692-0900
9310 Forest Ln, Dallas (214) 342-2626 - ? - ? - ?
9242 Markville Dr, Dallas (972) 479-9911 - ?
9330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #120, Dallas (214) 316-3974
9550 Forest Lane, Suite 207, Dallas (214) 343-7200
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I have both home owners and car insurance with AIG. What happens to them if AIG goes under?
my boyfriend has them for his workmans comp also. I am sure they will be bought out. If not then we aren't getting a weekly check..

Can you resume your auto insurance policy one it was canceled?
You will have to start a new policy with a new application. You should call around and get another agent. The $200 finders fee is excessive. Try this site to find the best auto insurance you can get quotes from different auto insurance companies in...

Why are the police not allowed to pull over illegal aliens ?
Good question. They are changing the laws here in NC to make it possible for the state and local police to finally be able to act accordingly with criminal trespassers. I am so happy about it. Maybe they can get rid of at least some of them.

Does an injurer have to pay for the hospital bill?
It depends on the case.Let's say it is an automobile accident, and both parties are insured. If once side is clearly at fault, his or her insurance company will usually have to foot the medical bills on both sides up to deductible limits.If someone were to break their leg on your stairs because...

Is there a way to determine who your auto insurance carrier is based on tag or title information?
If it's YOUR car and YOUR tag, it will be on YOUR renewal registration, in most states.If she "apparently" has auto insurance, she needs to check who she's been PAYING for it.She can check her cancelled checks, she's most likely paying once a month, but at LEAST once a year.She can also go...