Find a car insurance agent in Franklin, MA.
Following a number of clicks, they eventually discovered a dependable Auto Insurance Franklin, MA that could actually provide them with assistance over the entire procedure in deciding on the right coverage that fits their ...
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Find a car insurance agent in Franklin, MA.
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How much is car insurance in Vancouver, BC Canada?
Car insurance is kind of expensive in Vancouver. You pretty much have to get it through The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).Their rates are based on past driving records, year, make, model of car, how much you drive it, etc... If you are moving from another province or country...

In California, does the cost of replacing damaged child restraints count against the deductible?
Thanks for the answer, it's good to know.I was going to say definently YES, but your already on it. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile, Cograts.Source(s):Ex Ca DMV employee and owner of Alternative Vehicle Registration in Murrieta, Ca.

Auto Insurance discount along with online traffic school course?
For the most part the traffic ticket dismissal course is not the same one to get an insurance Discount. The dismissal course is longer and more thorough regarding laws, and signs, and DUI and all that Jazz. The course for getting a discount is usually called a Defensive Driving course where...

How much would auto insurance cost for me?
Not everyone pays the same for car insurance, and there are too many variables to be able to give you anything near an accurate estimate with the information you have provided. If you want a price quote, then you can go online to GEICO or Progressive, or pick up a telephone and talk with a...

What countries have gender equality for auto insurance rates?
There are some provinces of Canada that have crown corporations that provide mandatory coverage. These crown corporations are not allowed to use gender in determining rates. However that is in a few provinces, and not something that is practiced nation wide. Gender as a rating factor has been...