Find a car insurance agent in Franklin, MA.
Following a number of clicks, they eventually discovered a dependable Auto Insurance Franklin, MA that could actually provide them with assistance over the entire procedure in deciding on the right coverage that fits their ...
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Find a car insurance agent in Franklin, MA.
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Learn about your local Liberty Mutual Insurance office in Franklin, MA ... learn more about which auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance options are ...
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Popular Q&A

What is the best way to relocate from one state to another?
Not too hard but requires planning. SO, for auto insurance simply ask for a quote from your current company based on the city you want to live. If they require an address, find an address based on a location you MIGHT want to live. Housing is easy to find on-line and you will have to rent...

How is the best way to become an auto-damage appraiser for an insurance company?
College is only not required when you have years of body shop experience - usually many years as a body shop manager.Unless you have job experience - such as years as a body shop manager- a college degree will be required.Back in the day, you could get a job as an insurance adjuster w/o a college...

Why are there so few auto insurance companies in Massachusetts?
I remember many years ago (late '70s) when I was applying to M.I.T., the material they sent me said that MA had the highest rate of car theft in the nation. I don't know if that's still the case after more than 25 years, but if so, that could cause there to be few insurance companies there...

What would I have to do to block off a segment of road for (legally held, nonprofit) racing?
Depends on where your from, here in the US we use to close down part of US 40 at Donner Summit for a timed hill climb, with the help of the AMA, American Motorcycle Assn. because without that type of backing/insurance its just not going to happen, and no its not free, and all participants must...

What is the penalty for giving invalid auto insurance information at the scene of an accident?
The other party if they do not obtain current insurance information from you has the right to take you to civil court, and will most likely be awarded a much higher amount of money then they would have if you had just given them up-to-date insurance information.