They ruled out a wide number of others, from a rail car on site loaded ... the West Fertilizer Co. lacked proper insurance to cover their losses. .... From Toulouse in France, the West Explosion is a very important way to compare the causes, ... You speek of two explosions… american and canadian newpapers ...
On the Tuesday morning after the Canada Day holiday, I tripped and .... For decades MS has been considered an auto-immune condition. .... Ontario'-s health insurance system would not pay for a scan to .... So what you have to do is compare it to the population of origin to find out are we having differences.
While many insurance providers are lined up to participate in the ... Single-payer, such as in Canada, could eliminate all of this nonsense, but that would also gut the massive profits which private health insurance companies make ... We would not buy any consumer product, not a car, not a house, not even ...
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What is 21st Century Auto Insurance's coverage for letting a friend borrow your car?
You have to pay for it. It's additional coverage.You have to have coverage for every driver of the vehicle. That would include children. When a child reaches the legal age and obtains their license, the parent adds them to their policy and pays for it.

Is it fair that women have to pay higher premiums for unemployment insurance than men?
I agree with you.It's fair, because women are whiny.Source(s):Female

How can I join a class action law suit against Bank of America for assessing excessive fees?
Has any one found a Lawyer for this lawsuit? Report Abuse? Report Abuse* You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register.Other Answers (2)Show:All AnswersOldest to NewestNewest to OldestRated Highest...

What is the most popular and best auto insurance broker in NYC? Any recommendations? What is the advantage?
The best thing to do is to ask friends & colleagues who they use for their insurance. If you have a tenants or co-op policy, go to that company first. Travellers is a good company and used to have decent rates in NY. I was from NJ & one of my insureds moved to Manhattan & his rate went down...

How long does it take for auto insurance to lower?
It drops a little bit every year (every age, 18, 19, 20, 21, etc.) until age 25, then every 5 years after that (25, 30, 35, etc.) on account of your age increasing. It also decreases due to your number of years of driving experience increasing.