GRANBURY, Texas (AP) — Raul Rodriguez counts himself a lucky man. For two years, the 42-year-old auto mechanic and his family have ...
To honor President Johnson'-s pioneering dedication to safety, the Texas Department of Transportation launched its 12th annual Click It or ...
Another 20 to 30 tons of ammonium nitrate in the same building, as well as 100 tons in a rail car on the site, did not explode, he said.
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Even although Houston, Texas is really a town full of cowboys as well as cowgirls, vehicles continue to be the actual preferred setting associated with.

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Can I get an auto insurance policy for rental cars only?
Yes, you can. A friend of mine has does not own a car but wanted rental car (traditional + Citycarshare) coverage. He was able to get it through USAA (military families), but my guess is that you would be able to get it from other companies as well. It was something like 100 bucks for the...

Is there a cancellation fee for canceling auto insurance that is not effective yet?
My company would refund it without charge but yours may not. You will have to ask them.The reason they asked about your son is because he apparently lives in your household. They need to know about all people in your household who have drivers licenses. You can specifically *exclude* your...

GEORGIA drivers: Where did you get the lowest car insurance quote?
Impossible to answer. What is cheapest for me most likely won't be cheapest for you. There are many, many measuring sticks that determine your premiums.1. Gender2. Age3. Where you live (ZIP code)4. Student or bread winner5. Estimated miles driven per year6. Work related driving or pleasure7...

Where specifically can i find old news articles?
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What kind of conspiracy is auto insurance anyway?
Yeah, it's complete crap. And what's the deal with deductions? It's all a rip off.