15 year old Driver's Permit?

15 year old Driver's Permit?

What is the procedure to learn how to drive? Does my 15 year old need her permit before I can teach her how to drive? We live in Knoxville, TN. Thank you.


Get the permit, then teach her to drive. Not only is that the legal way, it is much safer because she has to pass the written test in order to get the permit.Source(s):TN resident


you don't need a permit to learn how to drive as long as you're not not taught on the main roads itself...teach her how to drive in some open areas like parking lots or some kind of barren land outskirts...


Wait for her permit. If there were to be an accident, even in a parking lot, she could be charged with driving w/o a license, no insurance, etc. You could also be faulted for letting her drive and your auto insurance rates will skyrocket. Don't do it!


teach here to drive in a parking lot but she cant go on the rd when she gets a permit that's when you can teach here to drive on a main rd



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