1994 Ford F150 w/121,000 miles. get liability or full coverage auto insurance no loan?

1994 Ford F150 w/121,000 miles. get liability or full coverage auto insurance no loan?

I'-m buying a vehicle and i dont know whether or not to get full coverage or just liability. i bought the truck for $1200 and im sure its not worth much. but im afraid that if something goes wrong, and i dont have full coverage then im gona be screwed as far as getting any help from insurance to pay for it. i dont have a loan so i dont have to get full coverage.HELP!


What state are you in? Requirements for MINIMUM coverage vary from state to state. I would say that I wouldn't purchase more then the minimum required by law for a $1200 car/truck. Better to save that extra $$$ for a better/newer vechile when the time comes...here is what I found on the esurance website**************************************…Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements:How Does Your State Measure Up?Auto insurance requirements vary from state to state. If you’re not sure what’s required in your home state, or you’re moving, educate yourself on your state’s minimum auto insurance requirements and plan to exceed them. (If you’re involved in a serious accident, carrying the minimum requirements won’t cover your losses.)Auto Insurance Numbers You Should KnowAuto insurance companies generally refer to bodily injury and property damage coverage in a series of 3 numbers. For example, in Arizona the minimum coverage requirements (in thousands of dollars) are 15/30/10. The first number, $15,000, represents the maximum amount of bodily injury liability that will be paid out for any 1 person injured in an accident. The second number, $30,000, represents the maximum amount of bodily injury liability that will be paid out for all injuries in any 1 accident. The third number, $10,000, represents the maximum property damage liability paid out for any 1 accident.If you’d like to learn more about the meaning of common terms, check out our auto insurance glossary in the Esurance Learning Center.Minimum Liability CoverageMost states require you to carry the state-mandated minimum amount of liability coverage (bodily injury and property damage). You can find your state's minimum when you get your auto insurance quote.Uninsured Motorist CoverageUninsured motorist coverage covers you if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured (or underinsured) driver. Your uninsured motorist limits may not be greater than your liability limits— however they can be lower (in some states you must sign a form if you choose limits lower than your liability limits). In states where it’s allowed, you may opt out of purchasing uninsured motorist coverage but if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you could have to pay for damages out-of-pocket!No-Fault StatesD.C., Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington are no-fault states. In no-fault states, insurance companies are legally required to pay a policyholder's covered losses, regardless of who's held responsible for an accident. Some no-fault states also restrict the right to sue for damages. In states without no-fault regulations, the insurance company covering the person who caused an accident is forced to pay for covered losses.Personal Injury Protection (PIP)Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is mandatory in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Oregon. PIP generally includes expanded coverage of accident-related medical costs. In some states, PIP also pays for lost wages and similar losses. Specific protections afforded by this type of auto insurance coverage and limits on PIP payments vary widely from state to state.**************************************…REMEMBER, it doesn't matter what state u r in driving without insurance is a big no no and is a HUGE fine!Source(s):Esurance website http://www.esurance.com/car/mins.asp?Pro…


Liability only. Comprehensive coverage is costly, and the payment you'll get if the car is totaled won't much exceed what you paid for it. This is a case where self-insurance makes sense.


Your deductible will probably be $500 so its not worth it if you get full coverage.


Just liability with higher limits because everyone whats to sue.Source(s):923


Just get liability coverage. Maybe comprehensive which would cover your for losses other than collision including glass and theft. However, insurance companies usually declare a vehicle a total loss if the damage incurred exceeds 60-70%. You have to pay the deductible. Some states have Limited Collision coverage- check into it. With the money you save, increase your liability limits. That is more important.Source(s):Retired Claims Adjuster



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