34 year old healthy single male without medical insurance gets into major auto accident. What happens to him?

34 year old healthy single male without medical insurance gets into major auto accident. What happens to him?

34 year old healthy single male without medical insurancegets into major auto accident(he only has liability auto insurance cause that'-s all he can afford). What happens to him? He rents a one bedroom apartment, makes minimum wage &- only thing he owns is his 10 year old geo metro and lives with his hamster. If the medical expense is huge &- he only has two hundred bucks in his bank account, is there a government help for him for his medical expenses? If not, is there any other way for him to pay for the huge medical expense? He lives in Los angeles county.


This is why we have to push for health care for everyone.Sorry, I live in Ohio.


Check on Medicaid...It really depends on the state you live in as to what programs are available. You need to ask the hospital what financial assistance programs are available, then follow through with everything they tell you to do. Otherwise you'll be stuck with lots of bills, and lots of stress. Good luck.


Talk to patient advocacy at the hospital. They check to see if based on income a person is qualified for government assistance. They also can make payment arrangements with hospitals and doctors. I've hear of someone paying $25 a month on a 25k hospital bills.


Charity hospital?


If it is the other driver's fault, he needs to contact an attorney to sue for recovery of his medical expenses. If it was his fault, he might be sued for his personal assets. The medical bills might be deductible off his taxes, but that's probably it. Many hospitals will work with a person who has to pay on time, as long as an effort is continually made to pay the bill. I am guessing he makes too much for legal aid, so all you can do is keep paying the bills, or claim bankruptcy like a lot of people do when the bills get out of hand -- that's the coward's way out and ruins your credit for years. In my experience, a phone call letting the creditors know you have to make small payments and it will take a long time, goes a long way to them cooperating. By not paying anything at all, the nightmare will begin of phone calls and threatening letters.p.s. if he is able, he should get a second job to help pay his debt down.


You can pay off the Medical Bills in installmants by talking or working directly with the hospital. They usually will send it to a Collection Agency if you don't pay for it in full. Why don't you call the Billing Department of the hospital where you were treated, talk to them & see what they can work out for you. Don't let your credit go bad because of this. It's not worth it.


Check with the hospital you were admitted to. They may have some kind of indigent program that is financed by the county, that will help with some of your bills. Most hospitals are required to provide charity to a certain percentage of the population in order to qualify for tax breaks. Your situation sounds like you would qualify for at least some help.Also, were you at fault in the accident? If not, the at fault party would be liable(I'm not asking if you have Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your policy, since you said you only had liability). You may be able to retain an attorney to recover your expenses. For the future, you may want to look at getting UM/UIM or Medical Payments on your auto policy. They're a lot cheaper than paying out of pocket if you happen to have another accident.Hope you're healing well!


Even medicaid doesn't cover pre-existing bills.Assuming the accident is his fault, and he won't get help from another person who's got insurance who's at fault, he's just going to have to get by as best he can. He'll likely have a hard time getting PT if he needs it, and he'll have tons of bill collectors calling him six months from now for all the hospital bills.Uninsured medical costs are the #1 reason for bankruptcy filings in the US.That's not much salary for LA. Not sure if a judge would even attach those wages. He could be another bankruptcy statistic. He's going to have to call the hospital billing office when he's well enough, see if he can work out a payment plan.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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