About Vermont lemon law?

About Vermont lemon law?

I bought a car in vt a month and a half ago and it will not pass inspection without. $1000 worth of work, on top of dying pretty much every time I drive it. Is there a lemon law that can get my $2800 back?


Maybe you can get your $ back.There is much uninformed opinion repeated on Lemon Laws and As Is contracts so dont be discouraged by unsupported opinion...always consider the source.In some states Lemon Law cover used vehicles. In some areas they also cover them in private transactions.On As Is contracts, it should be obvious that no form of contract such as As Is can immunize parties to the contract from Fraud, Negligence, etc.Research your VIN, Vehicle ID Number online w/ three services similar to Carfax. CF is ok for supplemental info, but they settled a class action suit for their inaccuracies.You may find your car has had probs relating to your probs. Maybe those were reported while your seller had the car.If your seller was a car dealer as opposed to a private party they almost surely knew of your car's probs and withheld that from you. That could be considered Fraud.If they allege they dint know, that could be Negligence under some state laws, bc as professionals they have a duty to know. Failing in that duty is Negligence.Fraud and Negligence are good bases for voiding the contract & getting a refund not only of the selling price but for your insurance & registration costs, taxes, alternative transport costs, lost work time, etc, etc.Have some look at all the VIN locations on your car. Search your exact model and year online to find them. If one VIN doesnt match, that could be Fraud, too. Crooked sellers sometimes put a bad engine w/ its own VIN into a car whose other VINs check out clean.After you found out all you can about the car, call about 10 lawyers in your area who practice consumer law and ask for advice on the phone. Have all your documentation handy.I've represented myself successfully in a number of courts as a plaintiff & defendant w/o a formal legal education and I always call the lawyers as part of my prep. Most are very helpful. They'r also looking at you as a potential client.If they dont bring it up, ask about using the consumer protects depts of state and county consumer protection agencies and the state atty general. There's also the agency that licenses car dealers.Ask the lawyers how to find out the seller's record on violations and if the general manager etc is on parole, probation, or in bankruptcy. If so, that could give you leverage for a generous settlement w/o any court action required.Also ask if a seller must guarantee a vehicle pass inspection.You have many tools to get all your money back.Get informed, be relentless and you'l likely profit.=============http://www.abanet.org/publiced/practical… American Bar Assoc: “...they [Lemon Laws] cover Used Cars in a growing number of states. In some places, the law applies both to dealer and private seller purchases.”http://www.cga.ct.gov/2005/rpt/2005-r-08… MA & NY Lemon Laws give Used-Car buyers the right to return the vehicle to seller after 3 failed repair attempts. CT’s Lemon Law covers Used Vehicles also. Check for updatesUS Dept of Justice's MV Title Info System: http://www.vehiclehistory.gov/nmvtis_faq… Title info & more, $2 to $7 from contractors associated w/ DoJ. Check for updates.http://www.autocheck.com/consumers/conte… Title check.http://www.civiltree.com/filed_suit.php “Recent Small Claims Filings & General News...”Some Automotive Small Claims Defendants: Audi, $3.5k warranty breach. EconoLube, $6k, negligent credit reporting. Percision (sic) Tune Auto Care, $15k, overcharge on repairs. Superb Auto Repair, $1.2k, shop damaged vehicle. Auto Professionals, Inc, $2.3k, warranty breach. Sangera GM dealer, $3k, fraud. Case evaluation, finding/hiringlawyers, ask a lawyer, search. http://law.freeadvice.com/small_claims/s…


Nope.used cars are AS IS. The lemon law will come into play on brand new cars, and used cars still under manufacturer warranty. Since you spent 2800 I am certain your car is neither of these.This is why we preach: Get a mechanical inspection BEFORE you buy. That $100 inspection could have saved you a lot of $ and hassle.Now, you may have one 'out', depending on the laws in your state. In some state's, it is the seller's responsibility to make sure that the car passes the required inspection or emissions test. It's a long shot for you, being over a month ago. The selelr can say it would have passed had you done the check on the day you bought it, and that it was OK when sold. Check to see what the law is. It wont unwind the deal, but it will make the required repairs the seller's responsibility


A $2800 car is not subject to any lemon law in any state.You made the choice to buy an old car without an inspection and, unfortunately, are now suffering the consequences.


Lemon Law is only on NEW cars!!! Sold AS-IS, sorry but you will have to repair the car yourself.



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