Alberta auto insurance laws?

Alberta auto insurance laws?

Here is the situation:My parents have 3 cars and I will be getting my drivers license soon. When I called my insurance agency and asked to get auto insurance, the broker told me that I MUST be registered as a primary driver on one of the vehicles instead of an occasional driver. I am a dependent high school student living with my parents and they have no intent of giving me the car.So my question is that if the broker is lying to me or not because I think that it'-s unreasonable that I MUST be registered as an PRIMARY driver on one of the cars instead of a occasional driver.P.S: Can'-t I just be added to their policy as an occasional driver?


if there were2 cars on the policy you would be able to be rated as an occasional driver. Once there are three cars and three drivers everyone on the policy would be rated on a car, they can not guarentee that you will be in the car only some of the time. get a car with liablility only that should help you out.



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