Any Creative Marketing ideas for Auto/home insurance in California?

Any Creative Marketing ideas for Auto/home insurance in California?

I'-ve been trying lots of new ideas for marketing my insurance business. I do flyers, internet advertising and more. What made you chose your insurance agent? What sorts of things are important to you, (other than price)? What sort of promotions would you be interested in seeing?


Since I am no longer in the Personal Sales line of insurance I am willing to give up what was successful for me. I am lunch and learn seminars to different business on insurance. In order to gain x-dates and further interest from potential clients I held a raffle at the lunch and learn with cards asking for their current home/auto carrier and x-dates. I got more bang for my buck. I would go into a business (realestate agency/mtg broker) and ask them if I could give a free insurance seminar on a topic I thought they would find interesting. A biggy right now is Identity Theft. I would take no longer than 45 min while they were eating lunch and give my seminar then after stay for questions. It is amazing how many leads you can get in a one time seminar. The real estate agents not only gave me their business but referred clients to me. Good luck and really just have fun with it. If you are in insurance sales you are more than likely a people person so enjoy. If you like golf like I did sponsoring a hole in a golf tournaments is also allot of fun and money well worth the spend.



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