Any Florida (Tampa) insurance agents out there (auto)????

Any Florida (Tampa) insurance agents out there (auto)????

Well its pretty simple i have a car now and i know how much insurance i am paying now but i have a few questions since i am going to change cars in a few months i am looking at getting an Suv something like a jeep srt-8, trailblazer ss, maybe acura RDX but im not sure what kinda things make insurance cheaper like AWD vs FWD or RWD, auto vs manual etc so if you are an insurance agent and could help me please email me or im me. ThanksBTW some background info:17 years oldMaleno accidents, no tickets


I really hope you get the car or SUV you want.. but I've worked in insurance for 20+ yrs... and I have found that if you are worried about the cost of the insurance you probably can't afford the vehicle.Sorry.But at 17.. you have great ambitions.....Save your money.. stick with the car you have..keep your record clean.. then when you're 21 go and get the SUV of your dreams.. the insurance will be a fraction of what it is now. And you won't be sweating it.


You're 17, your insurance will be high. Deal with it.


OK, as a 17 year old, you're insurance is going to cost a TON. If your car now is in your name, you already have an idea. But an SUV will cost A LOT. It's not the FL part that costs - it's the 17 year old with an SUV. There is NO difference between auto vs. manual, or FWD vs AWD, down south. The difference is, do you need full coverage (aka, is there a LOAN?) and, what's your CREDIT score like? At 17, it's got to be either non-existant, or bad - in either case, your current agent can compare prices.If you're not paying cash for the car (ie, it's financed), this bad boy is going to cost you $5,000 - $6,000 a year for insurance, even with a perfect driving record.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


You may want to try getting a quote online. I am paying less than ? of what I was before.Go to:…Take care,Casey


If you put the vehicle in your parents name, all else being the same if you go from a Lancer to say a Jeep Liberty, depending on which package you had/get ES, RS, it could go way down. I checked the rating symbols and the ones for a Jeep Liberty are a lot lower than for the Lancer. The best place to get a quote is your parent's agent. They will be able to quote different SUVs for you in your name & on your own policy and if you put it in your parents name to put it on their policy. It is very good that you are doing your research before you buy the vehicle. This way there will be no surprises when you go to get the insurance.



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