Any one know about car insurance for teenage driver in north carolina?

Any one know about car insurance for teenage driver in north carolina?

so im going to be driving soon and i will need to get insured. does anyone know how much this will cost if i live in north carolina?by the way, i dont know what car im looking. -]so it would be helpful if you could give me a range for different types of cars. oh yeah, and sources would be nice. =]thanks a bunch!


You are in luck! North Carolina has an association called the Auto Insurance Agents of North Carolina. You can see their website at and contact one of their agents.These agents SPECIALIZE in auto insurance and you will find some really good professional agents there to help you find the best coverage for the best price.Queen B was talking about GMAC - another real good outlet for younger drivers. And, their main office for the USA is right there in Winston-Salem!Any way you go, it is going to be less expensive to be insured on your parent(s)' policy due to your age and lack of driving experience.Just be careful when you start driving and pay attention to the road conditions and things going on around you!Good luck and I hope this helps!Source(s):Texas insurance agent for 25+ years


In NC you need insurance to get a license - period. You will have to provide a DL123, which states you are insured. You don't need a car for this, you can get a Named-Non-Owner policy or NNO - which is basic liability. Insurance raes vary by zip code, so call or do an online insurance quote.Same goes w/a vehicle. The cheapest way to go is an older 90's model, liability only. Liabilty means that if you hit some one and injure or damage their property, they are covered. You are covered w/unisured motorist insurance, which means you are insured if someone hits you and doesn't have insurance.If you want to insure your vehicle against, theft, fire, vandalisim or acts of nature, you'll want Comprehensive. And if you damage your car because you hit another vehicle or object, that is collision. These 2 plus liability equal full coverage.So get online & get quote for insurance by doing a genral search. Try companies like GEICO or Progressive.


No sense looking until you have a specific car. As a teenager it will be expensive. Your best bet would be to put the car in the name of a parent, and be added to their insurance police as a driver.


well now katie, don't give away your location or anything.... hahah. idk but it's freaking expensive, good luck with that! and I think you should get a BMW like I heard you drove out in today. haha


you won't be able to get exact rates until you have your car with the VIN number and everything, but unfortunately since you're young, as am i, the rates tend to be a little steeper but a company that helped me out get a much lower rate is called primerica from citibank. they'll get you rates from tons of other major companies to match you up right. it's the best place i've found to get rates, same with my family. the number you can call is: 1-877-855-8111. so when you have your car, just have your basic car info ready so they can help you, and you'll need the code MHAX8 to get your rates.


there are too many variables to give you a quote. the cheapest way for you to get by is on a liability only vehicle. if your parents ahve a policy, get added to theirs. this way you get the benefit of them being a homeowner, their credit score, and their multi car discount. its going to be expensive, and probably TOO expensive if you are driving a car with full coverage. the cheapest insurer i have for young drivers right now is GMAC. have your parents call their company and get a quote to add you with an auto for just liab.Source(s):NC Agent



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