Anyone have problems with Erie auto insurance?

Anyone have problems with Erie auto insurance?

I was in an auto accident as a passenger when an Erie driver ran a stop sign into my side and then tried to speed off. Thank god he was caught by police which turns out in the report he was drunk.I was curious to hear about anyone elses stoires as well as I have a current lawyer against them. What'-s going to happen or already did? The accident took place in July close to Pittsburgh.Any comments or any info will be helpful, I'-ll chose a best answer on most info that'-s helpful.


I had Erie when I lived in PA. They were great in settling my claim. Speedy and efficient. The only complaint I had was my adjuster was bad about returning calls.When the other driver filed suit against me for diminished resale value, they represented me in court - for free. I won.By the way, you don't 'have a lawyer against them'. You hired a lawyer to represent you in a case against their insured, not them. They didn't hit you.



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If your health insurance provider paid for anything that you received a settlement for, you owe it to them. They are not in business to pay for insurance that was already paid for by the car owner.Go through all of your insurance bills and see just how much they actually paid on your behalf...

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Go to a local insurance company office staffed by full time professionals to get an insurance quote.."E" insurance is the same as talking to a robot or a mindless voice on the telephone. deal with real people and real insurance companies.

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You can call your agent and have them fax/email one to you or even better, some of the Insurance companies have the ability to have you print one out online. If you don't get the answer you need, I would go to the office and insist they print some kind of proof out for you. Good luck!

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auto insurance rates are based on your driving record, not the make of a car