Anyone know were to find Las Vegas Auto Auctions?

Anyone know were to find Las Vegas Auto Auctions?

Been loooking for a vehicle for some time now, but thats because I'-m pretty picky.Anyhow, I have heard lots of rumors about repo and impound vehicles being sold dirt cheap, and some are pretty nice.Does anyone know where to go, or ever been to one? Looked on google, little luck.All help much appreciated.


there are a few in LVmannheim's Greater nevada auto auctikon is on Speedway drive, out by the racetract. Mannheims Greater las Vegas Auto Auction is on Hollywood Blvd, behind Boulder station. You have to be a dealer to participate in those auctionsCoaprt Auto Auction is on N. Lamb, abot 1/2 mile off the freeway. Many insurance cars, salvage, bank repo and dealer cars. You are allowed to register and purchase cars as a private party for $25. see www.copart.comAIAA is on Boulder Hwy, another insurance auction, also not open tot he public.Many tow yards have their own lein sale auctions. So you would need to contact all the tow companies separately to ask when their auctions are held.There is a public auction on N Nellis. They specialize in antiques and estate sales,but they do sell cars as well.There is a Charity car auction on Charleston. I believe that is only open to dealers as well.



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