Approx cost of repairing windshield or replacing if i have to?

Approx cost of repairing windshield or replacing if i have to?

I'-m looking at buying a used car (2004 Pontiac Aztec)It has a cracked windshield, (about 4inches or so, looks like it got hit by a pebble)Before I buy it I want to find out how much it'-ll cost to fix. Obviously since I don'-t own it yet, it will be out of my pocket, not covered by insurance.Does anyone know how much it'-ll cost approximately?If it matters I'-m in Arizona


you can get a definite answer from an auto glass business.The price will depend on new or used glass, tinted or clear. Maybe around $300 for a tinted glass windshield, replaced at your home. There aren't that many Aztecs around- that may affect the price and parts availability.


In your local Telephone book Look under the automobile section for auto glass, or it might be in the glass section under auto glass.A windshield is cheater to have replaced than side glass because it is made differently. Last time I had one replaced they came to the mall where I was shopping and installed it for $110. in the parking lot. It really is not a big deal to change.Hope this helpsGood luck.Doug


best thing to do wud b call ur local glass shops and ask.....most will charge a little less to replace if u take it to them....but usually goes for around 300 bucks......also if u get car and r putting full coverage insurance on it insurance will pay for windshield replacement in Sc they cant increase ur insurance rates for this and have to replace up to 3 windshields per policy for free within 5 years.......o and u deff shud replace...fixin is only for under 2 inch cracks...and even then replacing is better option


prolly be between 100 and 200 to replace



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