Are my car insurance payments reported to the credit bureaus?

Are my car insurance payments reported to the credit bureaus?

So Credit Karma says I have made 18 on time payments. The problem is the only thing I have ever made payments on are my auto insurance. The other is only 1 credit card payment I just opened. I also have 8,750 in school loans that are not considered debt yet because I don'-t have to pay on them. So I assume my credit started a year and a half ago with my school loans and my car insurance. I started paying car insurance the same time I got my school loans. Credit Karma says I have a 680 (Transunion). Experian says 699. Equifax says 614. So do you think those 18 on time payments could be my car insurance? And is there any way to find out for sure. I have Titan auto insurance if that helps.


Why don't you check your own credit report for free at You can print your real credit report out once a year from each bureau and it will show who you made payments to, etc.Credit Karma probably got you confused with somebody else because you do not have any older lines of credit that could have generated a history of 18 monthly payments.Your car insurance payments are not reported to the credit bureaus. Neither is rent or cell phone payments.


Insurance is not an extension of credit and is not reported to the credit bureaus.You need to pull your real credit reports to see exactly what is showing -- There may be something there that does not belong to you. Or maybe your parent's have you listed as an authorized user on one of their credit cards.Keep in mind that CreditKarma does not give you FICO scores. The TransRisk scores are usually within 50 points or so. The Vantage scores are a completely different scale. Also, scores you buy ffrom the credit bureaus are not FICO. They all use different scores on different scales.Source(s):BD



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