Are my parents responsible for injury in an auto accident caused by me?

Are my parents responsible for injury in an auto accident caused by me?

I about just had a question liability. I had an automotive accident the other day. There is the possiblity of an injury in the other party- the accident was my fault. My insurance covers up to only $25,000 for personal injuries. Suppose that the opposing party needs a significant amount over that. I am an 18 year old without much money. Are my parents liable/are they required to fork out the money? I am dependent under them by law and we are all on the same insurance policy. I reside in State of Texas.


Yes your parents are liable. I was in a wreck when I was 17 in 2004. The other party was injured when I hit them. My parents are currently being sued for this wreck. You are considered a minor in the court of law until you are 21. So therefore, my parents are liable for my wreck. I "supposivley" injured the other party and we are in a lawsuit right now. If they win then my parents will owe them whatever she is suing us for. My parents only had coverage for $25,000 also so theywill owe her whatever she wants over that amount. Since I am now an adult she can sue me along with my parents. Lawsuits take a very long time to settle so they can get money from you too when you turn 21 and from you parents also. I reside in the state of Mississippi so I am assuming we have the laws.Source(s):Im currently in the same situation


It's possible if you're driving their vehicle. Who's the vehicle registered to? If it's your vehicle, then it's all your fault.However, don't worry too much. The other party knows how much you can afford and how much your insurance coverage is. They can't squeeze blood out of a rock, so to speak. They know what to settle for.


It's on you for the most part. But if the car was in your parents name the lawyers or insurance may attempt a little scare tactic, but your 18 so they should not have anything to worry about except higher payments on the insurance bill.


sorry but your 18 and in America considered an adult so its up to you to pay for the accident,if they sue you for more than your insurance will cover,that's why you need great insurance coverage not the min...


The party that will be responsible will be the registered owner of the vehicle and after that yes they can still come after you.Source(s):923


No you are 18 and it was YOUR fault NOT THERESYOU are liable with judgements and leins if it is taken to court


Call your insurance agent. He/she should be able to tell you.



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