Are their positions within the auto insurance business that earn salary of $70k non manager positions?

Are their positions within the auto insurance business that earn salary of $70k non manager positions?

I'-ve been employed the last 18 years as an investigator with government jobs and I have a four year degree. I'-ve been interviewing with the public sector as a claims adjuster trainee and starting salary I'-ve been offered is $20 hourly. I understand that I am entering a new vocation, but the salary that is offered is for a college kid out of school without any experience. Is that the going rate of salary or am I interviewing with the wrong company?


Not for someone who is new to the business. To make that much you would have to be in sales. Because you will be compensated based on commissions you would have to sell an enormous amount of policies to reach that level of compensation.Source(s):...



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