Are there any auto insurance providers that do not use credit problems against you to make rates higher?

Are there any auto insurance providers that do not use credit problems against you to make rates higher?

I just had to switch auto insurance providers, and since I have credit problems due to credit card debt, anyone I have checked with uses my bad credit against me for insurance quotes. My driving record is excellent, and I am trying to find an insurance company who will insure me according to my driving record, and not my credit rating.




Geico is the only one I know of.Source(s):Finance Manager for over 7-years.


Maybe Geico or Progressive.


I'm not sure where you live but there are certain smaller companies that do not use your credit as a bases for insurance. I don't know where you are but I do know in Florida if you go into a Trustway or Apple insurance office, they will be able to find a company that will do that for you. Bear in mind that because they do not use your credit these companies are not the best, they are slow to make claims and will drop you the second you lie or make a mistake. I believe that Trustway insurance is available in the south east part of the US and even in TX.Hope I helpedSource(s):Worked for an insurance company!


None. It has been scientifically determined that your responsibility with credit is a good indicator of your overall responsibility. Are you a responsible person. Tell the truth.


Geico doesn't raise your rates due to credit- I have them and I have horrible credit- I am even filing for bankruptcy. The # is 1-800-947-AUTO I have been with them for years but even when I started I had bad credit and my rates were low then too.


i know isn't that ridiculous !!!! Same with employers beingable to access your credit.


Geico is the best........



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