Are there any legitimate work at home jobs?

Are there any legitimate work at home jobs?

I mean other then Mary Kay, Meleluca, Passion Parties, and candle sales. I am not interested in Ebay or anything like that I want to do something like surveys or something like envelope stuffing or data entry.


There are lots of legitimate work at home opportunities, but very few of them are jobs - you usually are working for yourself.My sister used to teach piano lessons in her home. One of my brothers, a millwright, raises chinchilla in the garage, and his wife has an embroidery business in the basement. The guy living next to them has a trophy shop.Insurance agents used to call Dad (who was a farmer) when they had a home damage claim. He didn't exactly work at home- he kept his tools in a station wagon, and worked at the client's home.The blind guy who lived down the road from us was a fantastic auto mechanic.The lady across the street does licensed child care in her home. Many people do babysitting, without benefit of a license. My wife has a web hosting business. I used to do income tax preparation out of my home, and I ran a resume service.You can raise a big garden and sell your produce. You can take in laundry. You can start a wedding cake business.Look around you, ma'am. There are lots of genuine opportunities to make a fairly high rate of pay.I can buy a machine cheaply that will stuff more envelopes in an hour than you could possibly stuff in 3 months. How much do you think someone will pay you to stuff envelopes?The survey companies want 10,000 people giving 10,000 opinions, not one person giving the same opinion 10,000 times. How much do you think survey companies need to pay?The key word in your question is *work*. If you are willing to work, you can do it at home. If you want someone to pay you to sit on your butt and watch American Movie Classics, you'll be looking for a good long time.


LOL...cause I tried all those things you mentioned....and nothing has made be the income this has.YES! There are legit work at home options…….I looked for 2 years before I found a good one! Learn from my experiences….lolI’m a stay at home mom of two little girls a 1 year old and a 3 year old. I work about 15-18 hours per week for a National Medical Benefits Company. I have been with the company for 6 months and am now making over $2500 a month! In your first month, depending on how many hours you can work I have seen people make anywhere from $500-$2000. And your income will increase each month because we get paid residual income as well. If I continue on as I am going at the end of the year I will be making $5000 a month. My friend Becky started 2 years before me. She is now making $95,000 a year.The best part is they have 401(k), direct deposit and a benefits package. In addition, there are no products, no hard selling or pushing, no cold calling and no telemarketing! That was VERY important to me.I absolutely love working with them and I can't believe I am making what I am making and in so few hours per week. The neat thing is there are other people on your team that you work with so you are never alone. The support is great but I have made wonderful friends as well. I think that’s important too, especially being at home!I was a bit apprehensive at first because I know a lot of companies are not legit but this company is the number one National Medical Benefits Company in the US. They are a member of the US Chamber of Commerce which is very impressive. Also they were featured in “The New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal” and the “American Medical Review”. Even “60 Minutes” with Morley Safer did a big special on them!Even more then all this is they are accepted at over 100,000 retailers nation wide. These are fortune 500 companies like Sears, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Wal-mart and more. These companies would never work with a company that was any thing less then reputable. That made me feel very good about working with them knowing they were accepted at the stores I frequent. Also now of course being with them I get the benefits for free and I saved over $150 on my last visit to the dentist! That’s just a beautiful perk! : - )When I first started I just felt very safe with them…. that and my friend was already making so much money with them! But at this point I feel a sense of security financially that our family has never had before. That plus LOVING what you do? What could be better?Check them out! Just type in in your web browser.-AmyThis answer has been chosen as “The Best Answer” on yahoo answers more then 5 times!


i'm a homebased transcriptionist.. i'm doing medical, business and general might want to try this.. i'm also a TI marketing typist and the income is good. this is an ad posting job (data entry)!!!Source(s):


There are many opportunities of working at home and earning through internet. If you wish to learn earning through internet while working at home, feel free to add me as your contact at yahoo answers and at 360 also. You will learn a lot. It is against yahoo answers guidelines to provide referral links here at YA. Most of the genuine earning opportunities on the net are free and they don't ask for any money to be paid for that.


Try this site: it can make you good money and it is easy to do. There are no fees and it pays out every Friday. It is one of the few work at home websites that has made me good money consistently. Or try one of these other good work from home websites on this site:


This is not short term, but it is something that you can do in conjunction with your other programs and there are no costs to get the thing set up and ready to go.If you are looking at a long term solution or possibly starting right now to raise money on an ongoing basis, you might consider a lady who has an organization called Together We Can Change the World, Inc. She designed a website to specifically deal with all sorts of fund raising activities for both school, community and Non-Profits.And, in the process of helping others you can earn some really good income for your organization, yourself and your family.You may want to take a look at


I work from home and make more than I did when I worked a full time job. I work with I have tried all of the home party businesses and hated it because it really wasn't "home based" because you had to do parties in other people's homes and do events, etc....I can do this business from anywhere. As long as the person I'm showing the system to is in front of their computer, I can be at the park with my kids and walk them through sending a card and how to sign up all from my website.It sells itself, I just set them up on a free gift account and they decide if they want to do it or not. Most people need it for personal and professional use, so it's an easy thing for them to use or even sign up to do as a side business.Check it out!


What about:Cookie Lee me for more info [email protected]


Yes. Try medical transcription. That's a huge industry that you can get started in with no upfront costs. Most smaller transcription companies will hire people without experience. Work there for about a year and then move on to a bigger company that will pay better since you now have experience. At my peak, I was making $72,000 a year doing medical transcription. And that was in 1992. I now own my own business.



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