Are there any pubic auto auctions near waynesboro virginia?

Are there any pubic auto auctions near waynesboro virginia?

im looking to buy a good used car that has low mileage and can get me back and forth from virginia to philadelphia. I hear that auto auctions are the best.


Most of the vehicles at most auctions that are open to the public are being sold by dealers, or were donated to a charity. It is very rare to see a low mileage vehicle in good condition at one.While there are some dealers who buy cars just to take to these auctions, most use a public auto auction to sell vehicles that they do not want to sell on their own lot. Usually the car has some mechanical issues, and the dealer does not want the hassle of an unhappy customer, even if they sell the car as -is. They would rather sell it at the auction.If you are going to a public auction, be aware of all the terms and conditions of that particular auction. There usually is a buyers fee, based on the selling price of the vehicle. The auction also may have rules where you must provide proof of auto insurance, and pay for a temporary tag, before they allow you to take the vehicle off the property.Some auctions will allow you to start the cars, during the inspection period prior to the sale. You can not drive them. Check the car out thoroughly, if you are not mechanically qualified, take someone who is with you to the auction!Good luck, and allow for the fact that you are going to need to spend some money on the car for repairs, prior to using it for travel!… is a listing of most, not all public auto auctions.Source(s):26 years in the auto business


try the yellow pages.



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