Are there other companies besides Premier that individulas from Massachusetts can buy auto insurance from?

Are there other companies besides Premier that individulas from Massachusetts can buy auto insurance from?

If so, what are some of them? Somebody told me Premeir has a monopoly in Massachusetts, so I want to know if this is true.


You can purchase auto insurance from any company authorized to operate in that state. Having only one company would be a monopoly which is against the law. Go on line and punch in Automotive Insurance company for state of Massachusetts.


No, they are not the only company. There are many companies that write in the State of Mass. However, the rate is determined by the State and no matter what company you go to the rate will be the same. The only thing that some companies offer are some extra discounts (if you work at a certain company, if you are a member of a club like BJs, if you are a teacher, etc). They are odd discounts but the only ones that the state really allows so that some companies can get a bit of a rate advantage to get more customers. Pick up the phone book and start calling. Call a good independent agent & they will be able to help you. They will know the discounts that you can get. Good luck.



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