Are used cars in the Philly and/or Lancaster, PA area cheaper than in Central Jersey?

Are used cars in the Philly and/or Lancaster, PA area cheaper than in Central Jersey?

I'-m on a strict budget and I'-m looking for my first car. I'-m 17, a high school student and part-time cashier at my local Target working at $7.25 an hour (due for a raise, i hope, in a month or two). I just got my license but it seems my insurance is expensive and so are decent used cars here. I'-m looking for anything that is basically automatic and will run. I can'-t tell you what my exact budget is right now, because I don'-t have much in my savings (thanks to the first 3 months of insurance, driving lesson before the road test, and bad spending habits that I'-m trying to drastically reduce).Since the average income isn'-t as high in Pennsylvania as it is in New Jersey (mainly because of property tax and location), are used cars in the Philly area or Lancaster County area cheaper than central Jersey? Only reason I'-m looking only in Philly and Lancaster is because Philly isn'-t too far from me and my sister goes to school in the Lancaster area. Any sources will be appreciated!


I currently live in Central PA, went to school just outside of Lancaster, and have worked in Philly. I can tell you that used cars are just as expensive, if not more so, in that region. The problem that you are going to encounter is that the region you are speaking of is a hotbed of activity for the automotive industry. Manheim Auto Auction (located in Lancaster) is one of the largest (if not the largest) auto actions on the East Coast. This auction serves dealers from all over the North East. This means there is a constant flow of cars through that area, and a lot of experienced car people.Your best bet is to check out the local paper for cars, or check for cars a little further south. Cars are expensive in the North matter where you go. South of the Mason Dixon, specifically south of VA, cars are much cheaper.Source(s):I sell and finance Mercedes Benz in Hagerstown, Maryland.


it doesn't matter, car values are the same everywhere, but i sell cars at northeast auto outlet in northeast philadelphia, if you want come down and ill give u a good deal, check out our website to see if we have anything u like,



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