Are women jealous that I live at home and have remained a virgin?

Are women jealous that I live at home and have remained a virgin?

This is the only conclusion I can come to -- jealousy is an evil force in this world.I am a regular, single, straight, 33 year old man from Long Island. I have never had a girlfriend or even a first kiss. Part of the reason why I have a difficult time finding a woman is because I "-still"- live at home with my parents. Women almost act like there is something wrong with me.First of all, I love living at home and would remain where I am even if I could afford to move out. However, I would move out if I got married or got a job that was too far away to commute. Anyway, I already gave away the main point -- I cannot afford my own place. I only make $30,000 per year. and after all my monthly expenses are paid off at the end of the month, I only have about $60 left. The average apartment on Long Island is about $1200 per month, so obviously it'-s not a possibility. Also, to suggest moving in with friends is not a possibility because only contributing $60 per month would not be fair and/or realistic. Furthermore, I assert that I do not have a "-spending problem"- as some would suggest. I merely pay my bills: gas, auto insurance, car payments, occasional meals, and student loans.Given my specialized education and experience, I am making as much as I can. Finding a second job is not possible as I already work about 70 hours per week, and often more than that.Even after I explain all this to women around my age, they still don'-t get it. They ignore the fact that I have an incredible earning potential, am a family man, am educated, and believe in the sanctity of life and marriage. If a woman wants alone time with me, of course we would not get that at my house, so you know what I would do? -- go somewhere else temporarily. A lot of women seem to suggest that when they say "-privacy"- or "-alone time,"- they really mean sex. Sorry, that benefit can only take place between a man and a woman married to each other- that is not my rule, it'-s God'-s.Also, I have learned that most young people under 40 who claim to be living "-on their own"- tend to live with friends, live in sin, or are subsidized by their parents or the government. It is actually VERY rare for someone to live "-on their own"- before turning 40 in this day and age on Long Island.So what gives?


I wouldn't assume women are "jealous" or envious that you live with your parents and haven't had sex, I also don't think you should be judgemental of people who have sex before their married. That doesn't always mean they're promiscuous, it means they believe different things. I am religious and very pro life btw, I'm just saying I don't think people are always wrong for having premarital sex. I would say that the women are unaccepting of some aspects of your lifestyle because they violate norms, not that they're necessarily wrong.Society judges having sex as social acceptance from the opposite sex, being sexually appealing, and being a worthwhile, loved person. Unfortunately these ideas promoted by society promote promiscuity and are not accepting of people whose religion or culture teaches to remain a virgin until marriage. Also this is partially not true, if there is someone who is desperate and really wants to have sex, there is probably going to be SOMEONE who will have sex with them. There is some prostitute, promiscuous sex addict type who would.Living on your own is a social norm that symbolizes financial stability, independence, and success to most people. However, this does not mean that you are not going to be successful and independent, it means you are working towards a goal. It sounds like you are a hardworking person, and you're doing the best you can to one day achieve this.Do what makes you happy, not pleases other people. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. I'm sure there's a girl who is in a similar situation and appreciate you for staying true to your beliefs and being financially responsible.


No they aren't jealous at all. It only makes you look too much like a kid in their eyes. You have to think in the days of caveman. Back then, most of the successful men went outside and hunted for food. The ladies would sit back at home with the kids and looking after the camp. The guy that hunts got the women and so the idea of sex came into play.Let's turn this into the perspective of modern day. These days we have technology, vehicles, jobs, and all sorts of stuff. What is important now isn't the hunt at all. The new "rage" is how you can provide and what kind of thing she can expect from you as a man. We don't have to hunt but we still have to have some kind of money to keep us afloat, a car, and some kind of apartment or house. Income is kinda important today as it pertains to what you are willing to provide. The idea is not to think that it is a sin.What I would suggest is going to a bar or a place to meet up with people and socialize often. And date as much as possible. If you aren't a man that drinks then that's fine. It is also perfectly acceptable to not indulge in sex if you aren't comfortable with it. I am guessing you a church going man, my suggestion is this find a lady in your church or at your job that you know is single. Also if you have to: move out the expensive world and go move someplace that's not as expensive. Here's an idea move to Virginia Beach. The rent is cheaper here and there are tons of people here to date.If you can't get a date at work or at church then I would suggest online dating. I will leave a link in my sources for you to check out. And the best part it's free and very modern in design. I hope this is helpful.Source(s):



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