Are you happy with your insurance company?

Are you happy with your insurance company?

If so please tell me who it is. We are shopping for life, auto and home insurance.


thats can help you


State Farm. They aren't usually the cheapest, but take care of you if you have a claim.


You should shop for auto and home at the same place, but not for life insurance. Life insurance should almost never be bought at a company known for car insurance. It's rarely competitive. It's free to ask, but it's usually best bought on it's own.


Am I happy with my auto & home insurance carrier? Yes. I have Kemper Auto and Home. In Texas they still write the old HO-C, which is IMHO the best policy on the market. I recently had a tree removal claim that the ISO HO-3 or State Farm's HO-W would not have paid the full amount on.Am I happy with my life insurance carrier? I guess so. They take my money and it was fairly easy to issue the policy. I've got Hartford, so I've been reading the financial situation they're in. It's not troublesome in my eyes (at this time). I think they got some government money and are doing better.With any insurance, as long as you can avoid an AIG product, you're doing OK. Not because of AIG's financial status, but because they were and have always been a pain in the *** to deal with. Also, don't buy anything with a big ad in the yellow pages.


I have State Farm for auto and home, and Jacksonville National for life.You probably will be happier splitting the two up.But the reasons these companies are good for me, are due to PERSONAL things that probably don't fit YOU.You're best off talking to a few agents, to find out who's best for YOU, and YOUR personal situation.


If you are military or former military, you may qualify for USAA membership. USAA is excellent.



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