Auto accident question, wanting to see if anyone was in similar spot.?

Auto accident question, wanting to see if anyone was in similar spot.?

My husband was in an accident last Thursday on gravel roads that were snow packed and slick. He came over a hill and there was a car backing out of a driveway, my husband did all he could do to slow down, but due to the slick roads was unable to. He hit the car (mind you the car had plenty of room to pull out of the road). The Missouri state highway patrol came out and did their report, no one was injured (there was a claim filed the next day about an injury from the other party). The cop would not tell who was at fault. Our insurance (Geico) claims it was his fault not being able to stop, which was impossible due to road conditions. The other guy got a ticket for expired insurance card (he did have insurance, just didn'-t have a current card). Since there were no other tickets issued, will my husband still be at fault? As of right now our own insurance claims its his fault, even though it was impossible to do anything. Does anyone know how much insurance might go up?


The mere fact that he could not stop because of slick road conditions, I'm afraid leaves him at fault, as the law will no doubt say he was driving too fast for the road and weather conditions.You are not supposed to drive any faster than you can safely stop.Speed limits are only allowed under ideal road conditions and anytime these conditions change for the worse, you 're to drive slower.



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