Auto Accident settlement?

Auto Accident settlement?

I am a 21 yr old male that was involved in an automobile accident in February of this year which resulted in my car being totalled. I feel they could have repaired the vehicle versus selling it at an auction. They wrote out a check for $13,500 to my finance company. I have been through a lot of pain and stress due to the fact that I lost my job because Georgia doesn'-t offer public transportation to Suwanee and now I do not have a vehicle. I have to pay for bus transportation and rental cars to see the doctor for back and neck injuries and personal use. I was out of work for 6 months and the insurance company doesn'-t want to pay me what I feel they should because they say I only suffer from soft tissue damage. I still have muscle spasms and headaches that I feel are accident related and ended treatment due to lack of transportation to Marietta and Roswell GA. Insurance company wants to settle for $1500 2nd offer. My medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering are over $6000. I still have to pay doctor and attorney. Am scheduled to go to court but what do I do when Insurance company refuses to pay what I feel they should for a accident that wasn'-t my fault. Doctor said I have nerve damage and torn ligaments. Why doesn'-t insurance want to pay me?


if you're going to court than nothing matters until the case is company might loosen up as court date approaches.6k is nothing and lawyers are expensive.


I still have to pay doctor and attorneyThat seems to indicate you have an attorney, who can answer the questions you are asking here.Ask him.


Only your attorney can answer those questions about the settlement. Many people seem to think that if they hire an attorney, that they will magically get a larger settlement, but that is never the case. Insurance companies do not make a habit of cowering to attorneys, and the final settlement doesn't just increase the minute an attorney steps onto the scene. In fact, the opposite is true, because now there's another party who's getting a share of your settlement. It was your choice to hire an attorney, and his bill is your responsibility, not the insurance company's.As far as the car, your vehicle was obviously past the threshold for what the insurance company (who takes it's orders from the state) deemed repairable. Each state sets a particular percentage point for when a car, by law, must be totaled. If the insurance company just agreed to fix the car, they'd be breaking the law. Since you were making payments on the car, the first place the check went is to the lender, once again by law. It's not the insurance company's fault that you owed that much on the vehicle. Their job in this has been fulfilled. It's not their responsibility to make sure you had transportation to get to work after that. And it's not their problem that you have needed to lose work. Yes, their customer hit you, but they are only responsible for paying your losses, including lost wages because of injury, property damages (which they have done), and medical treatment. Pain and suffering is not guaranteed, and if they say your injuries are not worth what you think they are, they should know, because they deal with this stuff daily. They have experts than can read medical charts, and they know what a soft tissue injury is.



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