Auto insurance company wants to check my credit and past infractions.?

Auto insurance company wants to check my credit and past infractions.?

My auto insurance company (which i'-ve been using for 6 months now) wants to check my credit history and past infractions in order to benefit from "-new lower rates"-i have good credit, but a couple of speeding tickets, could this actually increase my rate?


Well they are entitled to look up your driving history, but I would tell them to stuff it on the credit inquiry.1) Its none of their business unless they are offering you the insurance on a credit basis and2) Who knows what they will do with your SS# and other information after you give it to them.Better leave that 'bell' unrung..


If they weren't aware of the speeding tickets upon setting your rates, it could indeed put you into a higher risk category and raise your rates. I'm surprised they did not check it before taking you on as a client, most do.


Most insurers anymore (where it is allowed by the state) require a credit check. But when it comes to your driving history, they take your word when you apply for the policy on your driving record, but will ALWAYS pull your driving record which includes tickets and accidents. A dishonest application will result in at the very least increased rates and possibly even cancellation of your policy if there are major discrepencies. Best policy is to be up-front with your history and receive accurate rates.BTW, they don't need your SS# to pull your driving record so I would assume that was already done.


They score your credit cause they can make more $$$ if you have bad credit. This is a relative new thing since the computer age, next they might decide that people with certain hair colors might cause more accidents so they will ask that. It is always about the money. They are in business to make money. & they have you by the knerdl*ys cause you have to have insurance.


Yep, most companies have been using credit and driving records for a LONG TIME.If the speeding tickets aren't new, they won't hurt you - the company already knows about them.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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