Auto insurance for international visitor?

Auto insurance for international visitor?

I will be travelling to West coast USA this summer for two months and i am very much hoping to rent a car. The only problem with this is my age. I am under 21, and while i have managed to find plenty of companies willing to rent to me, they all require that i provide my own liability insurance. The CDW (collision damage waiver) is not an issue since this is covered by my credit card company.My home auto-insurance in the UK does not extend Liability over driving a) rental cars or b) the USA.I understand it is possible to buy either just personal liability insurance or a "-non-owners"- car insurance policy. The problem with both of these is that i don'-t have an address in the USA. Is there any way i can still obtain insurance?


Sure - Progressive will insure ANYTHING for a price - but you will normally have to have a six month policy with them or cancel early (which could cost you more in the long run.)You might want to contact a broker in CA for their particular rules and requirements.Someone from the Oasis Insurance agencies or perhaps call 909-980-0038 and ask for Sharron. She is knowledgeable in the subject and should be able to assist.Good luck and have a good trip!Source(s):Texas independent insurance agent for 27+ years


If anyone will insure you it will be Progressive. Call them--don't try to do this over the internet. Explain your situation and see if they have a solution. If not, I doubt you will find anyone able to help you.. Good Luck!


Call enterprise rental car . . . they let my cousin rent a car and he bought an insurance through them. But like you, he was under 21, so he had to pay a few dollar more per day. He is currently residing in Australia.



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