Auto insurance full coverage state requirment?

Auto insurance full coverage state requirment?

I currently reside in NC &- all new drivers have to have full coverage insurance on their vehicles for the first 3 years of obtaining their drivers license. I was wondering what was the requirement for Georgia since I will be relocating there soon. Do all states have this requirement? If anyone has any links to websites relating to this it would help. Thanks.


Here you go:…The requirements are liability:$25k bodily injury per person$50k bodily injury per accident$25k property damage per accident


if your vehicle has a lien on it you have to full coverage on it...but here in Arkansas you don't have to have full coverage if you are a new driver..not sure in a local insurance agent in Georgia to answer your question....or maybe your agent there may be able to help


I would double check that,There are two basic types of auto insurance.1. basic liability insurance - this covers the damage that you or your cars does to stuff other people own. Cars, homes, bike, people. Most if not all states require this coverage.2. Full coverage insurance includes the liability insurance to protect other, plus insurance to cover damage to your auto in the event of a wreak, fire, theft and other damages. Full coverage insurance is not required by the state. It required by banks and other places that provided auto loans.The state does not care if you can pay to fix your car, but they do care that any damage done to someone else is taken care of.


I think you are wrong. NC and 47 other US states only requires liability insurance,



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