Auto insurance premium higher than what was quoted to me?

Auto insurance premium higher than what was quoted to me?

I just received my auto insurance policy in the mail and the premium is almost $200/year more than what the agent quoted me! My husband'-s premium for his vehicle was exactly the same as what was quoted. Is this normal and what should I do? I'-ve already emailed the agent asking why the huge difference but am still waiting on a response.


Only the agent can tell you that, so best wait for him/her to call back. There are any number of possible reasons--a ticket you forgot to mention, a different model of car from what was quoted (one digit of the VIN can make a big difference!), simple arithmetic. See what the agent says.Source(s):30 years as an underwriter/agent


From my experience, this is due to an unmentioned ticket. This could be due to the insurance company 'looking back' further than you anticipated (example: you received a ticket in 2006 and you thought that they only cared about 2007 and beyond), or you forgot about it.On a related note, some insurance companies (usually high risk, from what I've found), take general information -- your age, marital status, your insurance history (that you state), the vehicle year, vin, model, etc and calculate your premium based on those inputs and your word regarding those alone. However, when they run your insurance history, maybe they'll find a lapse in coverage, claims on a previous insurance policy, run your credit score, find a discrepancy, etc, and find that their risk is higher with you, so they'll adjust your premium accordingly.As stated, though -- talk to your agent. There are several reasons why your auto insurance premium may have increased, but only your agent will be able to tell you the exact reason for that.



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