Auto Insurance - Spouse coverage mandatory in Ontario?

Auto Insurance - Spouse coverage mandatory in Ontario?

I'-ve been told from my insurance company that since my wife holds Ontario Driver'-s licence, she will have to be covered under my insurance and pay a higher premium eventhough she does not drive at all. I also saw on-line that you can sign an '-excluded driver form'- (OPCF 28A) in which you declare that she will not drive my car and you can exclude her from your insurance and maintain your premium rate. The insurance company basically denied this and told me that as long as her and I live under the same roof, I will have to pay the higher premium. Can someone please advise?


you either pay what they want or you shop for a company that will honor the excluded driver part/the insurance companys will do what they want and you can go kiss it/so youknow your ways/pay or divorce/they will deny claim if wife gets in one/Source(s):used car dlr nj


No auto insurer in Ontario can refuse to exclude a driver if the named insured decides they want to exclude the driver instead of listing them as a driver. If they do refuse then they are violating section 249 of the Insurance Act. Every insurance company knows this, so what your company is telling you is a lie. Below is a link to the section of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario's (FSCO) website (the organization that regulates insurance companies in Ontario) which confirms what I am saying. My advice is to change companies because the one you are dealing with now appears unethical to sy the least. If this is not possible for whatever reason then print out the OPCF 28A from the website below, fill it out, have you and your wife sign it and take it to your agent/broker along with a copy of the bulletin from FSCO and tell them they either exclude the driver or you'll report them to FSCO for violating the Insurance Act.Source(s):…



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