Automobile club in canada, daa of canada?

Automobile club in canada, daa of canada?

Dominion Automobile Association of Canada


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In Canada, it's the Canadian Automobile Association ( CAA )


The Canadian Automobile Association (commonly known as CAA) is a non-profit federation, founded in 1913, of nine clubs across Canada, providing roadside assistance service, a complete range of auto touring and leisure travel services, insurance services, and member discounts with preferred companies.CAA is also the leading advocate for Canada’s motorists and travelers, affiliated with AAA (read "Triple-A"), formerly the American Automobile Association. Many English-language Tourbooks and maps about Canada distributed by CAA clubs are published by AAA, and carry both CAA and AAA branding.In Ontario, CAA facilitates Ontario's Drive Clean program from the CAA locations that double as Ministry of Transport license renewal and vehicle registration offices. CAA Ontario was originally known as the Ontario Motor League[1] and existed independently of CAA/AAA affiliations.CAA is not affiliated with the Dominion Automobile Association or consumer groups such as the Automobile Protection Agency.



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