Best overall value in car insurance / auto insurance [Oregon]? -- MORE BELOW --?

Best overall value in car insurance / auto insurance [Oregon]? -- MORE BELOW --?

I want a company that offers a good balance between:Number 1 -- Excellent-Service-If-I-Have-An-Accident[quick, easy, painless, friendly, helpful, generous benefits]Number 2 -- Reasonable Premiums[modest (or at least fair) rate increases after accidents]Number 3 -- Excellent Service OverallNot the cheapest company -- hopefully not the most expensive either -- but a good company with fair prices and a great reputation for customer service before *and* after an accident.I currently have Farmer'-s Insurance, and I have had no problems but then I have had no accidents.But recently a credible, trusted friend of mine has had a *very* bad experience with Farmers and I am wondering what company I should switch to.I know that premiums will depend on a lot of factors, I just want some general recommendations for good companies based on your personal experience.


I use Wawanesa Insurance here in Oregon. Great rates and excellent service. My daughter had an accident and they were excellent. 1-800-640-2920 or


Honestly, the difference between good and bad experiences is more based on the policy holders understanding of his coverage and his relationship with the agent rather than the name of the company that issued the policy.For example, you finance a new car, perhaps trading in one you are upside down on, and your agent offers but you say no to gap insurance. After all, you don't plan on having a wreck. Otherwise you have full coverage. On the way home you wreck, and it's your fault. But no worries, you have full coverage. Now you find out your insurance will only pay fair market value, and less your deductible, and it goes to the lender, and the remaining balance is yours to pay. That makes your insurance agent an SOB in your mind, but it's really you not understanding what you had.If you want to see what is available to you based on your criteria, talk to a local independent agent and see what they might offer.


Look up the insurance company ratings on AM Best Co. or JD Powers Co.Then call the companies you choose for premium quotes



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