Cheapest auto insurance. (perferably one I can apply for online)?

Cheapest auto insurance. (perferably one I can apply for online)?

I bought a 2007 Nissan Sentra in New Mexico. I am 18 and my fiance is 23. What is the cheapest insurance you have found? I would be the primary driver.


my best bet so far has been with AIS (auto insurnce specialist) but i guess it depends on the drivers cars and a lot of other stuff. when you get married you'll get a break on your insurance, when your fiance turns 25 thats another break and i believe woman get a break at 21.


USAA, GEICO & Travelers are the cheapest I have seen that are still quality companies. Don't go for the cheapest possible option because come claim time you will see why they are so cheap... because they don't pay or they nickel & dime you so bad you end up out of pocket way more than your deductible. Make sure the company you buy from is financially stable also. Check the A.M. Best website for an A- or better rating with "stable" outlook. Anything less is suspect...


First of all, seeing that you have a 2007 automobile, I'm assuming that you're going to be paying for it for some time. Whether you purchased or leased, it's an investment that you need to protect. The "Cheapest" insurance isn't by any means the best thing to look at. Every company is great....until you make a claim....and then you seperate the good from the miserable. Sadly, most companies who are "cheap" are cheap for a reason...and usually, that means by shortchanging their policyholders at the times when they're paying claims. If they fix your 2007 Nissan cheaply, with imitation, used, or remanufactured parts, and Stevie Wonder can know that your car was involved in an auto accident afterwards due to the cheap cut rate repairs that they paid for, how are YOU a winner? You could stand to lose thousands of dollars because THEY cheaped out on your repairs. Try trading or selling the car after a poor repair, and I guarantee that you'll be very sorry that you saved a few hundred dollars on paying premiums just to lose thousands on the claims later. Do some research, and find a company who's rates are fair..not cheap, but who responds to claims in a fair, and equitable manner, fixing your car the RIGHT way and not the cheapest way. I own a body shop, have been a claims adjuster, and have been a police officer, so when I give you this advice? It's based on a lot of years of watching inequities. Think about it before you buy some cut rate, third class insurance that leaves you high and dry when you need them the most.





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