Cheapest SR22 car insurance?

Cheapest SR22 car insurance?

Can anyone recommend which auto place (ex: safe auto, geico, etc) has the cheapest SR22 insurance. I already know there'-s alot of different variables/situations but i just need an idea. I'-ve only had 1 dui and it was 5yrs ago.


allstate, its about zigzigfa

allstate, its about $17 additional for an sr22 filing.Source(s):Allstate Agent

7 additional for an sr22 filing.Source(s):Allstate Agent


Try progressive Direct Insurance, they have what they call a DUI forgiveness. That means they will work with you concerning your DUI and not take you to the cleaners !!



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The best answer you're going to get to all your questions is from your own insurance people. Call them and ask them. Anyone other than them who gives you a price is guessing. (Maybe an accurate guess, but it's still going to be a guess.)

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nowhere. sad to say in this messed up world

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