By getting an appraisal from a car insurance company, am I bound to settle for that amount?

By getting an appraisal from a car insurance company, am I bound to settle for that amount?

I was in an accident and not at fault. The other driver'-s insurance company has "-recommended"- an auto body center for me to get an appraisal. I am cautious that they may try to low ball the estimate. By getting this estimate am I in any way bound to settle for the amount in the state of NC?


You may have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice. That does not mean, however that the insurance company will pay any amount. They won't pay an exorbitant amount. In your case, you don't have to even have your car repaired, if you don't want to. You can just take the money and spend it for whatever you want


You can have any number of company's you want perform a claim appraisal on your vehicle. Find out who costs the most to repair the vehicle and then who costs the least. Give the estimate to the insurance company for the most expensive company. If you are lucky, they will pay you that full amount. Then drive over and have your car repaired at the cheapest quoted place. Then you can pocket the extra cash. Think of it as extra cash to have to put towards your auto insurance. There is a chance your rates could rise even though you were not at fault in the accident. I would know. I worked in the car insurance industry for a year.


If you mean repairs to your vehicle, no.....the choice is yours on where you have your vehicle repaired.If your speaking of a total loss, you need to check comparables online and see what your like/kind/quality vehicle could sell for in the retail market.Source(s):Claims Adjuster 15 yrs



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