Can a 17 year old get an apartment with parental consent?

Can a 17 year old get an apartment with parental consent?

I live in kansas and I will be a high school graduate. I will graduate in may and want to move to lawrence to work full time during the summer. I want to get an apartment with my friend who is 20. I was wondering if i could even get an apartment with parental consent? I wont turn 18 till aug.

17 Years of Age and you turn 18 in August"Go to college and have a little fun while you're there and get a decent job and save your money."It will cost money to furnish the apartment and to have upfront money to turn on utilities and have apartment security. And it's a good idea that each of you have some kind of emergency money.The monies in the Emergency account and the extra money in the checking account are not money to burn they are for emergency and added cushion and get replaced immediately if used. It also protects each of you if the other defaults.It roughly takes about $40,000 + to live or it will cost you and your friend sharing the expenses about $25,000. each and that's clean NET after taxes are taken out. Not figured in is Auto, Health and Medical benefits and insurance add about 10,000 each.I wouldn't do anything unless (Each) of you at least have one year's ++ expense in emergency money about $22,000 & another $3, 000. Float in your checking Account at all times. And another $15,000 between the both of you to furnish, turn on Utilities and Security.


No ... Most places won't rent to a minor .... the adult must sign the rental or lease agreement.



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