Can a Canadian buy and drive a car in Los Angeles, California?

Can a Canadian buy and drive a car in Los Angeles, California?

I am a Canadian holding a Canadian driver licence for over 20 years. I am planning to stay in Los Angeles, California for 6 months within a calender year in the coming 5 years. Can I buy a car and drive it with my Canadian driver licence? Can I get a automobile insurance in California? Thank you in advance for your help.


There are immigration issues involved. Do you have a visa?You will only be licensed to drive in California as long as you are here legally. Your Canadian license will be OK for as long as its valid. you ARE required to have insurance. Please don't come to my town and drive without insurance.Buying the car is not a problem.


It can be done.


Sure you can as long as you are in the US legally. The only real issue is that most US insurance companies will not check your Canadian driving record and nail you for the same rates as for a new driver. I found Mercury Insurance will check your Canadian driving record.Just note that your Canadian credit history is no good in the USA. If you want to get a car loan, you simply will not get one through a US bank.But really, for 6 months, just drive to LA in your Canadian car. I am from Vancouver and it is only a 2 day drive from there to LA. 4-5 days from Toronto.



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