Can a person move out on there own making 8.00 per hour?

Can a person move out on there own making 8.00 per hour?

Don'-t be in a rush to move out, "-if you don'-t have to."- It is possible if you had a roommate to go along with. That'-s roughly $250 a week after taxes$250x4 weeks= $1000Rent between $600-$1000Utilities approx. $200-$300Groceries?Transportation?Auto?Auto Insurance?Fuel?I think that as long as you are working for $8 per hour, you can pay for some career training. Now is the perfect time to go to school and learn something that will pay you better than $8/hr. That'-s what you should be thinking about. What interests do you have, what would you like to do as a career? You aren'-t ready to move out yet, in my opinion!!!Look at these for help:… this has helped you, Good Luck to you -<-)


With a roommate and public transportation, anything is possible :)


With a roommate and public transportation, anything is possible :)




If you want to live in a housing development


It's not impossible, but you might have to get a roommate or something.


Sure, but you won't live well.


barely, ive tried before, and it depends what kind of area you live in. its very hard.


Welfare will help. If you don't want to be a burden on taxpayers, get a raise, a better job, or stay in your mother's house.


highly doubt would need help from family, or a definitley would be living pay check to pay check.


If you work full time and have roommates, then yes. It will be hard, but do-able.Source(s):I lived on my own making $13 an hour, working 16 hours a week, during college. I had a roommate, wouldn't have been able to afford it living alone.


On your own? Hardly! With a couple of reliable roommates? Yes.


Just remember that discarded pizza boxes are an excellent source of cheese.


Certainly not on your own, but with a few roomates it should be fairly easy. 2 friends of mine and I moved into an apartment that costed $700 a month (about a grand after utilities).. So $335 wasnt too bad per month.


It is very hard to do. It all depends on how much money you bring home a week and what your expenses are. Take some time to figure out what you will be bringing home and how much you will be spending to live (rent, car, gas, food, utilities, etc.).Source(s):major in accounting


All of that depends on how much your rent is, if you have a car payment, etc. You need to add up your possible expenses to decide. Maybe you should think about getting a roomate.


if you can manage your money well....assuming you would be making 960 a month. if you could find a place for 300 a month, you would have 660 left over, car insurance and gas could be up to three or four hundred, so that would leave you with 160 a month for groceries. you would have to find a place with all utilities paid, and no phone, cell, internet, cable etc. you could do it but you would probably regret it.


Only if you get a Rich Sugar Daddy to pay the Rent on your apartment.


with 3+ room mates, and if you had no debt (no car or credit card payment)... you "may" be able to barely get buy.


Well this is a difficult question to answer. There are a lot of 'it depends' linked with this. On the most part in many areas, yes. My son's ex moved into her place, paying 325 a mo. rent, which includes water and sewer and she is okay, doing it on $7 an hour but it is a struggle. She is currently looking for a part time job. It can be done as long as you find a decent place with a low enough rent with some utilities included, know how to grocery shop, possibly clip coupons, watch your cell phone usage if you have one, your gas mileage if you have a car, don't get any tickets so your insurance stays low enough to be able to deal with and have a strong sense of budgeting, i.e. know how to balance your checkbook as well as how to shop for the best deals for your bucks.But in some areas this question would be answered in a loud resounding NO because of rent prices, utilities prices, gas prices and more. Do your research, know, and I emphasize KNOW how much it is going to cost you to live each month by making a pre-empted budget on how much you will need for nearly everything, except going out, dating, on your own on $8. an hour may mean you may not have much of anything else but your freedom at first, but if that is what you are looking for, it is a start.Good Luck!!Source(s):Over 21 years of balancing a family budgethelping my son's ex move into her own place only about 2 months +/- ago and going over all of this with her.


That would be a very foolish thing to do. If you move out and try to live on your own, making only that small amount of money, you will probably make about that much money for the rest of your life. That is, unless something dramatic happens, which, when you're in a position like that, it usually doesn't happen. Don't do it. Stay at home, go to college, get a really good job, and make a great life for you and your family. I've seen too many people get stuck in a low-paying job and never amount to anything, because they can't afford the time or money to go to college, trade school, or something to get ahead. It's not worth it!!! In the world that we live in, there is hardly any way to get ahead unless you go to college.


HEK NO!That won't get you gas or groceries.


Not if he wants his own place.


I would say if you mean just yourself than yes as long as you have good health care coverage, I knew a person that made almost 19 bucks a hour, but he hade no health care, or health plan, they took everything he had.


Depends on where you live. But living on $320.00 before taxes is not easy. I suggest you figure out how much it would cost you to rent a place and all the living costs like electricity, etc.I also would suggest if you live at home unless living conditions are unbearable, stay there and save most of your money until you have 6 months living expenses saved up and in the interim work on developing skills that can make you more money than $320/Wk.Source(s):Experience


Grow your own vegatables, walk to work, have no life...I guess you can do it. I know people who can't make it on $80 per hour.Good Luck!


not comfortably



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