Can a tourist buy and insure a car in USA?

Can a tourist buy and insure a car in USA?

We are a South African family that is planning a tour from USA via Central America to South America for 2009. Can we as tourist buy a motorhome / truck in the USA for the purposes?If anyone have some advice please let me know.ThanksReady to Go


Yes, there are no restrictions for foreigners who want to buy a vehicle in the USA. You just have to be able to pay for it.Check with your home insurance company and the auto club to see if they have a partnership with an auto insurance company in the USA. The dealership can also help with arranging insurance.Examples of nationwide US insurance companies are AAA, State Farm, and Allstate.


I have actually talked to German tourists that have done this...I don't know how they managed the insurance...but I guess if you paid up front for the insurance, that would be all that the ins company would be concerned with.



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