Can anyone estimate how much liability insurance would be for a business that takes kids on field trips?

Can anyone estimate how much liability insurance would be for a business that takes kids on field trips?

We'-re looking into starting a business venture that will take kids to fun and educational placed during the summer. Just looking for a ballpark estimate on liability insurance and maybe any insurance recommendations in San Jose, CA. Thanks!


It's going to matter, how many kids. Figure the commercial auto liability, for less than 50 miles radius, is going to run you $5,000 for just liability, for a small bus classification.The general liability will probably run you $1500, and another $1500 if you want abuse and molestation legal defense coverage.Group accident coverage for the kids, if they get hurt, would start at $1,000.You can't buy any of these directly from an insurance company- you will need to see a local, independent agent near you, to get the actual quotes and coverages.



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