Can anyone recommend a good, trusted car insurance company in Southern California (Los Angeles)?

Can anyone recommend a good, trusted car insurance company in Southern California (Los Angeles)?

Can anyone recommend good/trusted car insurance companies in Southern California (Los Angeles)?I just moved to Los Angeles from the East coast so I am not familiar with the local car insurance companies. I have had Geico for the past 6 months but I'-m not sure if I want to stay with Geico. The customer service people are kind of rude.


I would say call all the car insurance companies in your area and get similar quotes with all the features you are looking for then go with the cheapest.Source(s):


May I suggest AIS insurance (Auto Insurance Specialists). They are an insurance brokerage dealing with many different companies, so they can take your specific circumstances and match you up with a company that will give you the best coverage for the lowest possible price. In my case the company that wrote my policy was Mercury Insurance.If your interested the AIS phone number is 1-877-247-9797. Please note that I am a regular motorist just like you, and NOT some insurance sales person trying to hawk my own company.Source(s):Retired truck driver.



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