Can Anyone tell what automobile insurance company issued this policy based o the policy number?

Can Anyone tell what automobile insurance company issued this policy based o the policy number?

New Jersey automobile insurance policy number is CA2950647, accident was in ny, no insurance code listed, NJ DMV taking forever, does this look like a familiar policy number format to anyone?


In a lot of companies, the letters could stand for the state. So the CA could stand for a california policy.The policy number could be used in maybe 50 companies out there, so is meaningless. What you need is the name of the insurance company, owner of the auto etc. So since all you have is this number, you are at the mercy of the DMV. Was there a police report taken at the scene of the accident? Most police reports will have the info of the insurance company, policy number, owner of the car etc on it.


CA is usually short for "commercial auto", so odds are, it's a commercial auto policy.But it might not be.See, insurance companies set up their policy numbers all seperately. There's no standardization. Sure, it could be Progressive. It could be Hanover. No way to tell.



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