Can auto insurance adjuster work independently? Do they get to travel to other states when a CAT is declared?

Can auto insurance adjuster work independently? Do they get to travel to other states when a CAT is declared?

Wanting to do auto insurance adjusting work. The only reason for wanting to do it is b/c i know that property insurance adjuster travel to different states whenever there is a CAT declared. Do auto insurance adjuster get to do the same?


Yes auto adjusters do go on CAT duty but usually only when there's hail and tornadoes around. It's basically a side job for extra money. You can do a couple weeks here and there. This is mainly applicable for auto adjusters in the mid-west and south as that's where the majority of the hailstorms are. If you're on the coasts or in the upper mid-west or southwest you might go on a few really big storms like the one that just happened in Dallas. They will usually use whoever is closest.90% of auto CAt work is done between about March 1 and July. Sometimes there are late summer hailstorms and sometimes you'll get damage from a flood or earthquake but those are few and far between. There was in big freak hailstorm in October or November in Phoenix a couple years ago. But most hail falls out of springtime storms.There are full time auto CAT adjuster teams but only at the very largest insurers. If you really want to do CAT work then go into property or be a multi-line adjuster that does property AND auto.There are independent adjusters that do auto. Insurers mainly hire them for CAT work out of the area where the storm happens but will get ones form elsewhere if there are too many claims.Source(s):Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser / CAT adjuster


When a cat loss is declared, most companies send their own people, and they usually send their best, ones who can make decisions fast and move on to the best file.There are 3rd party administrator companies who by definition are independents. But in order to get the assignment, the company(s) they already have contracts with will be the ones they'll call.If you're looking for a career with a lot of travel, being an adjuster isn't it. They rarely go outside their territories.Source(s):Years in the industry.



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