Can I cancel my auto insurance because I am leaving the country for 3 months?

Can I cancel my auto insurance because I am leaving the country for 3 months?

I am leaving the USA for 3 months so I was wondering if it would be possible to cancel my auto insurance for these months and not pay the monthly premium. I will not be driving the car for these months.I am insured with Geico.Thanks.


Yes, you can cancel your insurance at any time. just explain to the company what your plans are. If you are paid ahead, you will be issued a return of premium.You will also need to contact the DMV and fill out a certificate of non operation. Otherwise you could face fines for not keeping insurance current. If you have a legal owner (bank, finance co., etc.) you will need to keep the comp & colision coverage in place.Source(s):insurance broker


Yes unless you signed a contract for a certain length or if you have a loan on the vehicle that requires you to have insurance


Yes you can but if the car will be parked, it would be best to leave the comprehensive coverage on it. (if the vehicle is financed, you will have to leave both collision and comprehensive on it)


Yes definitelycall the company u r insured with and inform them about leaving and to stop the preium for 3 monthswhen u return give them call back to put it on againthat's what i did when i left Canada for 2 monthsthat's all


ask the insurance company but i think it will cost more money when you get a new policy, they do not like to see a lapse in coverage or they like to use a lapse in coverage as an excuse to charge you more


Yes, But let the DMV know ahead of time so your registration doesn't get suspended for lack of insurance.You need to file a form (in CA it's ) REG 5090 Affidavit of NON USE and you can download and print it out at:…This lets the DMV know that you promise you won't park the car on public roads or drive it. Your registration won't be cancelled (as opposed to NON OP where the registration IS cancelled temporarily)If you don't, then your registration gets cancelled and when you return, you will pay a DMV penalty and it takes about 5 business days to reinstate it.This can also be done at the AAA Auto Club as they do lots of DMV work.



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