Can I enter Canada with a Green Card by car, or do I need to be a US Citizen and have a US Passport?

Can I enter Canada with a Green Card by car, or do I need to be a US Citizen and have a US Passport?

I want to drive from NY to Toronto. I have a green card, but Im wondering if you need a US Passport as well.


Ignore "amphitryon's" answer regarding the regulations relating to the use of a Green Card for entrance to Canada and returning to the US. First, anyone legally resident in the US does not require a visa to enter Canada"•persons lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence who are in possession of their alien registration card (Green card) or can provide other evidence of permanent residence-"So, a green card would provide sufficient evidence to meet Canada Customs and Immigration policy relating to this.You must be able to prove however that you can re-enter the US and, to quote the Department of Homeland Security website:"Land/Sea TravelLawful permanent residents may continue to present their Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card. A passport is not required"Again, to quote Canadian Government websites:"If you are a permanent resident of Canada or the U.S, you should bring your Permanent Resident Card with you."If you have a valid passport I would bring it with me just to be safe however a green card is sufficient ID to return to the US and is generally acceptable when crossing the border into Canada. Other ID showing your place of residence such as a driver's license would be required if you are driving.Source(s):……


You always need a passport to leave the country and return.


I just came back from Canada (Toronto) after 1 week long visit last weekend. I have a US Greencard and drove my car. At the Canadian border, the officer just took my greencard and asked me where and why am I going to Toronto and he let me go before even I finished answering his real easy, greencard alone will do. I had my native passport in my bag too but was not security checks, no vehicle information..overall 2 minutes and was almost like stopping to pay for toll.When returning back, US officer also took my greencard and didn't ask for passport.just asked me few questions about where I am coming from, when did I enter Canada, what do I do, if the vehicle is registered in my state, and whether or not I am bringing any foods/alcohols/tobacco... that was it.So my suggestion, if you are driving:(1) Call your auto insurance and have them send you Canadian Auto Insurance card. If you get pulled over anywhere in Canada, then the police officer will not accept US Insurance card..and that too have to be the original hand written or printed card. The copy or Fax will not work. I did not have to show it to anyone, but you never know, when you speed up trying to calculate/Convert miles vs KM.(2) Eventhough Greencard is the only requirement, take your native passport with you..just in case.(3) Get Canadian Dollars from your bank and take cash with you. Your bank should easily exchange this for you, but in my case I had to inform my bank atleast 2 days before so that they could order them. You can use US Dollar in pretty much everywhere, but most places will not give you the change back and just accept as a Canadian dollar...Try not to use your US Credit/Debit Cards as you will be charged Foreign exchange fee by your bank.(4) Get a GPS that has canadian map and as soon as you enter Canada change the Unit to "Kilometers" .(5) Enjoy and have fun.


Green card is acceptable, by land.


green card alone - not any longer!''If you are a citizen of a country where you do not require a visa to visit Canada, you must still:* show an immigration officer that you satisfy all other requirements to enter Canada. If you do not, you may not be allowed to enter.* have a valid passport. Some citizens from visa?exempt countries have to meet more requirements, such as having a machine-readable passport or an e?passport to travel to Canada. Find out what the specific information on passport requirements are for your country.''also, even if Canada will let you in, you cannot go back without a passport!"Passport Requirement by Land or Sea, effective June 1, 2009EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2009 Travelers entering the U.S. through a land or sea border must present a passport or WHTI-compliant document.''Source(s):…



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