Can I get a salvage bid from a wrecking yard online for a total loss vehicle?

Can I get a salvage bid from a wrecking yard online for a total loss vehicle?

I am an independent appraiser dealing with automotive claim for insurance companies. I work late and sometimes need to obtain 3 salvage bid on total loss vehicle. to upload my work in a timely fashion I would like to be able to go on a web site for this information insted of calling wrecking yards the next day.


from the looks of some salvage yards that i have seen, some with their office located in a "lightly" renovated school bus,so i'm not too sure that they have gone high tech yet. theremay a few out there, try googling salvage yards.


If you are an independent appraiser then you should be able to sign on with Copart and be able to obtain salvage bids: http://www.copart.comSource(s):Claims adjuster


I work for a major auto insurance company as an adjuster. We send all of our vehicles to IAA.It might not be as accurate as calling, but you should be able to get a pretty good approximation of a vehicle's salvage value online at their salvage analysis site. There are about 25 different classes of damage, and the option to look at pictures to get a better idea of the true salvage value.All you need is a year, make, model, and general description of the damage (left side, rollover, flood, etc.) and it will give you the average salvage sale amount for all matching vehicles within the last year. I dispatch IAA to pick vehicles up through their website as well.I don't know if it costs anything, as if it is, my company pays for it. I don't know if IAA is an option in your area, but they're pretty widespread. It would definitely take a lot of time out of my day if I actually called. Their website is very thorough.Try these sites:…Source(s):Claims adjuster



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